Business Insurance

Business InsuranceEvery industry poses a unique set of risks. Working with an experienced business insurance professional is important to ensure your company continues to flourish, even when the unexpected happens. Request an insurance quote comparison or contact us to get started.

Policy Types

Commercial Property Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Errors & Omissions Insurance


Garage Insurance

Cyber Risk Coverage

And More

Some Businesses Covered

Virtually any business, including:


Plumbers & Electricians

Retail Stores


Accountants / Financial Advisers

Restaurants & Bars

Salons / Barbers

Haulers / Truckers

And More

How Much is Business Insurance?

The cost depends on the coverage needed, the size of the business, and many other factors. A general liability policy for a sole proprietor accountant may only cost a few hundred dollars per year while an insurance package for a general contractor with 100 employees may be $50,000 or more. The size of the company is a large factor but the risk level is also a big contributing factor. Using the previous example, you can imagine a construction company would have a higher risk of employee injury and potential lawsuits for defective products and/or services, which contributes to a higher premium.

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