Business Insurance

Business InsuranceEvery industry poses a unique set of risks. Working with an experienced commercial insurance professional is important to ensure your business continues to flourish, even when the unexpected happens. Request a business insurance quote comparison or contact us to get started.

Policy Types

Commercial Property Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Errors & Omissions Insurance


And More

Some Businesses Covered

Virtually any business, including:


Plumbers & Electricians


Accountants / Financial Advisers

Restaurants & Bars

And More

How Much is Business Insurance?

The cost depends on the coverage needed, the size of the business, and many other factors. A general liability policy for a sole proprietor accountant may only cost a few hundred dollars per year while an insurance package for a general contractor with 100 employees may be $50,000 or more. The size of the company is a large factor but the risk level is also a big contributing factor. Using the previous example, you can imagine a construction company would have a higher risk of employee injury and potential lawsuits for defective products and/or services.

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